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You have always dreamt of your “wedding day.” Fortunately, the day has arrived. A different chapter of life is soon to strike with surprises. The wedding memories are always pristine and beautiful. Every couple has a story to recite, with million awestruck moments. It is the time of your life which can be made worth remembering with careful planning.

“Planning” could be the ultimate stress removal therapy. You have always referred to guides to solve intricate questions. Didn’t you? So, why not refer to a small wedding planning guide to simplify the procedure. Follow these sure shot wedding planning tips. The following tips will guide you through the whole event.

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Managing wedding timelines means making a closed loop of different ceremonies and guests. Guests invited to a wedding should be intimated well in advance. It should be anything between three to six months before the wedding day.

This will help guests plan their trips accordingly. The wedding guest list consists of some confirmed attendees along with a few dicey ones. It is done to make sure you don’t end up expanding budget with any additional arrangement. Then comes the task of listing the number of functions such as Mehendi, Haldi, and Sangeet.

These days cocktail parties are also organized frequently. Plan the space according to different functions and events. You may want to book separate spaces for three different functions. So, it is suggested to see if a particular venue offers flexible space for various big and small functions.



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Selecting a wedding venue in India may be overwhelming. Here are few important points which would ease the process of venue selection:

Venue Location: Site inspection would solve the problem of location. Understand the locale to attract the guest with a great first impression. A lush green open space would be best to engage the guests.

Capacity: Availability of flexible gathering space is essential for various events. A simple social gathering might involve 200 guests. However, a big wedding event might be crowded with more than 600 guests.

Type: Check whether your event would need a Banquet, Marriage Hall or outdoor space.

Availability: Availability of wedding space depends upon the status of wedding season. Make sure that the desired space is available on your wedding date.

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