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In Pooja Arrnagers we believe that art of arranging living or dried plant material for adornment of the body or home or as a part of public ceremonies, festivals, and religious rituals.

Since the earliest days of civilization, humans have used floral decorations, composed of living or dried cut-plant materials or artificial facsimiles, to embellish their environment and persons. Flowers have played an important part in folk festivals, religious ceremonies, public celebrations of all kinds, and, of course, courtships. Sophisticated cultures have generally expressed a love for decorating with flowers by carefully arranging them in especially chosen containers, while other societies have used them more informally: strewn, made into garlands and wreaths, or casually placed in waterholding vessels without thought of arrangement.

The flowers you select for your wedding floral decorations set a tone and style to your celebration. They support your chosen theme, reflect the color scheme and create a consistent ambience for events throughout the day.

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There’s a growing trend toward using wedding floral decorations throughout the wedding celebration. More brides put extra effort into flowers and decorations for the reception because more time is spent there than at the ceremony site.
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You can accent your bridal bouquet and create consistency by placing the same type of flowers in vases and bowls throughout the reception site. Matching combinations also can be displayed on the wedding cake, in entranceways and stairways, and on windows in order to tie your wedding floral decorations together.

Many brides wait until the last minute to get a florist, and by then the best are often booked. Shop for and book a florist at least six to ninemonths before your wedding date.Contact us today and book your florists today

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